Marriage License Requirement

Good to Know

New York State

Application Process

  •   if you apply for a marriage license in New York City, the fee is 35$​

  • if you apply for a marriage license anywhere else in the state of New York, the fee is 40$

  • New York State requires all individuals who intend to get married to apply for and obtain a marriage license from any city or town clerk's office.

  • To get married in New York City you and your prospective spouse must appear in person at one of the five borough office.

  • yes, a marriage license application can be started online. However, both applicants must still appear in person, together and at the same time, at the either of the five borough offices to complete  the application and sign the application.

  • Both parties must appear in person  to apply for marriage license.

  • Photo ID and proof of age is required.

  • You do not need to be a New York State resident to get married.

  • New York does not require a blood test before marriage .

  • New York law requires  a twenty four hours waiting period before your ceremony can be perform.

The marriage license in New York is valid for sixty days. ​

 Be sure to contact  your local city or town clerk's office well in advance of the wedding to find out on what days and during what hours the clerk will be in the office.



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