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Bridal Profile

  • Bride's Name (age)

  • Groom's Name (age)

  • Current Street Address/PO BOX

  • State/ Zip

  • Email

  • Phone

  • City of Wedding 

  • Wedding Date

  • Time of Ceremony

  • Time of Reception

  • Brides heritage 

  • Groom's heritage

  • Budget

  • Number of guest

  • People coming from abroad?

  • How many rooms are needed?

  • What type of Wedding is Planned? A.Very Formal   B. Formal  C. Semi-Formal   D. Informal E. Other

  • Indoor/ Outdoor

  • Have you chosen a color?

  • Select 4 words that best describes your wedding Day vision. A.Elegant   B.Simple   C.Party   D.Celebtarion   E. Grant   F. Traditional   G. Romantic   H. Sophisticated  

  • How many Bridesmaids you planning to have? ( include Maid of Honor)

  • How many groomsmen/usher?  (including a Best Men)

  • Will you have Flower Girl? If yes, how many?

  • Will you have a Ring Bearer?

  • Are you working with any Vendors already?



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