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Marriage license information

Good to Know

  • Both you and your intending spouse must appear at the office of the city or town clerk i person, together and at the same time to obtain a marriage license.

  • Your photo identity documentation must be current and valid.

  • Provide documentation of previous marriage.                ​

  • Decide on your surname.​​​

Civil Ceremony Data Sheet Information

Key Facts

County: NYC

Officiant:City Clerk

Obtain Application: in-Person

Submit Application:  In-Person

Phone: 212-639-9675


Payment Options: Credit Card

Waiting Period:24 Hours

Validity Period: 60 Days

Requirements Age: 18 years old

Residency: none

Proof of identification: Driver's License Passport US Military ID


Office Location Address: 141 Worth street New York, NY 10013

Hours: 8:30 to 15:45



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